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~~ "Without knowledge of foreign languages, people feel worse than without a passport" ~~

Anton Czechow




Certification courses

 Language certification courses


            We strongly invite you to get acquainted with the language courses’ offer which enable you to take international certificate exams.

            We offer you a possibility to take international exams in: English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese,  Arabic, Czech, Turkish.



-          100 teaching hours,

-          free checking of leveling tests,

-          free mock exams,

-          the price of the course PLN 1200*,

-          a possibility to split the cost  into installment,


The classes are conducted by experienced, licensed examiners and organizers of international TELC certificate exams, including native speakers.


School of Foreign Language as the Licenised Examination Centre gives you a possibility to take international certified TELC, TOEFL, TOEIC, WiDaF, TFI , LCCI IQ exams on the premises of WSG.


The cost of the exam:

·         TELC with the certificate PLN 470*

·         TOEFL with the certificate PLN 420*



* the cost of exams in case of min. 6 participants,

* the cost of course PLN 1200 in case of min 6 people in a group




We strongly invite you!

School of Foreign Language