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~~ "Without knowledge of foreign languages, people feel worse than without a passport" ~~

Anton Czechow




Courses for 6-12-year old children

 Little Globetrotter

We strongly invite you to get acquainted with language offer – Little Globetrotter.


We offer language courses such as: English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Latin, Esperanto, Swedish, Turkish, Rumanian.


We carry out courses for 6-12-year old children at the every level.


Courses are carried out on the premises of our school in a way thanks to which all language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, are developed. The study of languages develops the imagination of a child, and introduces him to the new world full of adventures.


The main emphasis is put on the communication and it is why during our classes listening and conversation exercises are done.


Our goal is to encourage children to learn foreign languages, getting to know fauna and flora in a foreign language, colures and different kinds of things. We focus on the best preparation of our students for being and finding themselves in a foreign language surrounding – from simple situations of everyday life to expressing their opinion about many topics.


We guarantee education in small groups form 6 to 10 people which enables us to create a student-friendly atmosphere.


The classes are conducted by experienced and licensed lecturers, including native speakers.


We propose you 50 teaching hours for PLN 600


We strongly invite you!

School of Foreign Languages