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~~ "Without knowledge of foreign languages, people feel worse than without a passport" ~~

Anton Czechow




Courses for 12-18-year old teenagers

 Courses for 12-18-year old teenagers


Language for students


We strongly invite you to get acquainted with language offer – Language for students – addressed to students of secondary schools.


We offer language courses such as: English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Latin, Esperanto, Swedish, Turkish, Rumanian, Finnish.


There are courses at levels from A1 to C1.


We carry out courses for students who want to improve their knowledge of a foreign language. Our courses are also addressed to students preparing for written and oral matura exam in a foreign language at the basic and extended level, and for people whose aim is to become students of philological studies.


The main emphasis is on communication and grammatical accuracy, so during the classes there are many listening conversation exercises and some additional grammar exercises.


The classes have the form of an intensive training during which authentic materials, used on the matura exam, are used.


We guarantee that our course will help you to:

-          speak freely and without any problems during an oral exam,

-          deal better with written and listened texts,

-          write examinational essays correctly,

-          put in order and make your lexis richer,

-          easily and with pleasure acquire practical grammar.


We guarantee education in small groups which helps to acquire the knowledge in more efficient way. Courses are carried out on the premises of our school.


 The classes are conducted by experienced and licensed lecturers, including native speakers.


We propose 60 teaching hours for PLN 650.


We strongly invite you!

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