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Anton Czechow




The course of sign language

 The course of sign language


The course of sign language


We strongly invite you to get acquainted with the offer of a sign language course.


We offer 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree courses of sign language. We carry out courses for people having a professional or personal contact with deaf or hearing-impaired people.


We guarantee that after the course:

-          you will be able to communicate with deaf people  at the basic level,

-          you will understand simple statements in this language,

-          you will be able to create simple statements within the scope of curriculum,

-          your knowledge about the sign language and its use will be developed,

-          you will be introduced into the basic problems of deaf people.


After completing the course every participants receives a certificate confirming that his/her participation in the course and a certificate confirming his/her communication skills.


The curriculum of the course is based on demands of the Educational Centre for Sign Language in Warsaw (at Polish Association of the Deaf).



We propose the price of PLN 600 / 60 teaching hours.

Materials are included.




We strongly invite you!

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