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~~ "Without knowledge of foreign languages, people feel worse than without a passport" ~~

Anton Czechow









London Chamber of Commerce and Industry International Qualifications (LCCI IQ) is one of the biggest British institutions proving the professional qualifications in National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) system. The London Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which has over 6000 accredited centers in 125 countries all over the world, offers a great variety of exams in English and professional qualifications proving the ability of moving in the international business environment. Due to this the LCCI IQ certificates are often called “passports to employment”.


LCCI IQ exams in English meet the recommendations of British National Standards for Languages, thanks to what they are officially recognized in Great Britain. What is crucial, the exams meet the requirements of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe which presents clear and universal of the language proficiency standards.


LCCI IQ certificates are accepted as a prove of English knowledge by employers, commercial and financial institutions, schools and universities all over the world.


LCCI IQ exams are prepared in London by the specialists in a particular field, it is why in the exams the characteristic knowledge for particular age and professional groups is taken into consideration while preparing exams. Thanks to gaining the LCCI IQ certificate not only the fact of language knowledge is proven but also the ability of using it in particular areas of life.


Due to the cooperation with language specialists and advisors’ expertise LCCI IQ is thought to be a world leader on the market of professional and general English exams.


LCCI IQ exams that are available in our school:


English for Business (EFB)


English for Business is one of the most commonly chosen and the most widely recognized LCCI IQ exams.

Passing this exam will surely enrich your CV.


EFB is a written exam available at five levels. It checks the knowledge of good communication in English in situations connected with services and trade. It is based on authentic everyday business situations. Additionally, there is an opportunity to pass a oral exam which is a conversation about topics connected with business activity and to pass a listening exam. Passing the English for Business exam at higher levels constitutes passing the language classes at many universities in Poland.


Spoken English for Industry and Commerce (SEFIC)


Spoken English for Industry and Commerce has been prepared due to needs of spoken English skills of contemporary businessmen. The abilities are graded during an informal talk with an examiner.


Depending on the level the exams tests abilities such as: conducting negotiations, making presentations, phone talks on business topics or translations of business talks. It is available in the most convenient for both, the candidate and Examinational Centre, time.



English For Tourism (EFT)


Tourism is one of the fastest developing sector in the world. LCCI IQ has prepared EFT qualifications for people working or planning to work in this developing branch of industry. The exam consists of 4-5 tasks based on the most commonly used in tourism authentic data and materials, e.g. reservations, maps, timetables, promotional brochures, etc. The candidate can take an exam at two levels and at both of them there is an opportunity to take an oral exam.


English Language Skills Assessment (ELSA)

ELSA exam enables quick evaluation of the English language level. It consists of four parts: listening, speaking, writing and reading which, freely selectable, present linguistic proficiency of particular candidate. ELSA is a perfect tool to identify, according to international standards, the knowledge of English. This is crucial in many aspects such as the process of recruitment of new employees, the assessment of the ability and efficiency of communication in a foreign language on various levels of the company and the assessment of progress in learning and the efficiency of particular programs of teachings. ELSA certificates are accepted by linguistic schools and employers all over the world as a prove of linguistic competences. The exam is also available in an online version.


Foundation English Language Skills Assessment (FELSA)

FELSA is a diagnostic tool used to test and assess of language skills in reading, speaking and listening for candidates with the basic knowledge of English (at level A1-A2 according to Common European Framework). It is possible to take only one exam or, in order to wider assessment, any combinations of these exams.


Further Certificate for Teachers of Business English (FTBE)


FTBE is a specially designed exam for generally educated teachers of English whose aim is to achieve specialization in teaching Business English. It is a perfect supplement to the qualification of every English philologist.


FTBE checks skills of:

-          attitude towards the listener, the analysis of needs, lesson planning, the organization of course’s plan

-          using of modern technologies and materials,

-          teaching basic of business (introduction to the world of business, basic business terminology, the stage of contacts, planning of the ritual business correspondence). Exam lasting 2,5 hours has a written form. The candidates who pass it can be proud of being well-qualified and having knowledge necessary for their further development of teaching career.


Junior English Test – Senior English Test (JET SET)


JET SET exam is a kind of General English exam. JET SET certificates, proving the knowledge of English  are based on tests checking basic skills of candidates for whom English is a mother tongue. Exams are designed to support the development and enable to assess the communication skills of the candidates. Tests are carried out as exams of the increasing level of difficulty and they test four basic areas of language: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Exams are addressed to students who start their language adventure from the basic level (the minimal age of the student passing exam is 6 years) and exams enable students to continue the education to the level, defined CEFR2 as “an independent user”.


JET SET exams are successfully used in schools in English-speaking countries among students whose English is not the language of everyday use.


2 CEFR: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


German for Business (GFB)


GFB exams checks and certify the ability of German communication in professional and business environment. They are based by specialists on the basis of everyday authentic situations form the business world. Exams are available in a written form at any, chosen by the candidate, time (exams on demand).


German for Business exams are available at four levels form preliminary to level 3. The use of all main varieties of German (standard German, Austrian and Swiss German) are accepted, however, the candidate must consequently used the chosen one. In a similar way both spellings, old and new, are accepted if the candidate uses consequently one of them.


Focusing on tasks connected with reading and writing, GFB exams emphasize:


-          a clear and relevant content of the message,
-          grammar and spelling correctness,
-          the form and composition of a text,
-          appropriate for the circumstances style and tone of expression


LCCI IQ exams can be taken in: November, April and June.

Exams can be also requested at any time.