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~~ "Without knowledge of foreign languages, people feel worse than without a passport" ~~

Anton Czechow







English philologists came to us

Tousands of people, dozens of lectures, world-wide known surnames and the performance of Polish star – it was like that during an international IATEFL conference which was organised by the School of Foreign Languages WSG on 17th-19th September 2010.

IATEFL Poland,  International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Poland, has organized conferences for 19 years now. – We want to give lecturers an opportunity to know new methods and foreign languages’ teaching systems, exchange experiences, make familiar with current learning trends – says Natalia Małecka from IATEFL Poland, the organizer of the conference – However, mainly we want to promote an education of foreign languages, including English.

WSG this time

            Between 17th and 19th September 2010 English language teachers met for the first time in Bydgoszcz and for the first time at not public university.

            Decision was made in September 2009 during IATEFL’s conference at Poznań Univesity of Technology. We prepared a multimedia WSG presentation and thousands of invitations. Thanks to the Town Hall’s materials we also presented Bydgoszcz itself. As it occurred people liked us much – says dr Irena Kudlińska, the director of the School of Foreign Languages WSG. – There are many universities in Poland but it was our which was chosen. We achieved it through hard work.


What was the main topic?

            There was a lot to fight for. Apart from linguists, methodologists and coursebooks’ authors from whole Poland, people who are known all over the world for the teaching of languages ​​from Great Britain and the United States also arrived at our conference. The lecturers, including those from WSG, delivered lectures in English and Polish.

            The conference is not just lectures, but also the accompanying fairs. Specially, there will be ‘Happy Hour” organized from which guests can benefit a lot. Companies will prepare surprises and competitions and will do their best to draw guests’ attention on them.